Conclusions & Takeaways

I want to  sightless escape rooms to become common. I want to play other peoples’ sightless rooms, including games designed by designers who themselves are blind or have low vision. And I want more people in general to be able to access this wonderful gaming medium. In order to do this, escape room designers, builders and venues will need to get creative and either build brand new rooms – or find clever ways to modify their existing rooms.

Building a brand new room

Hopefully, over the course of this website, I’ve convinced you of a number of things:

  • That sightless escape rooms help bring escape rooms to an audience who aren’t being served
  • That they can produce unique experiences with different approaches to puzzle design
  • And that they are far more affordable to build than other types of escape rooms.

And with the resources on this website plus the resources of your existing escape room venue, you can build a sightless escape room that’s bigger, better and unlike anything anyone has yet to experience.

Or modify your existing room

Even if you’re not looking to build a new room at this time, you can still use these techniques to make an existing room into a sightless room. Have a look at your rooms and figure out how the addition of a texture here or a sound there could transform and improve your escape room. Consider also, how you could modify your room to be accessible to people with different kinds of disabilities. There are lots of easy to find organisations with consultants in these areas, so give them a call.

And at the very least if your rooms aren’t accessible (including other types of inaccessibility such as wheelchair access) make sure to put it on your website. That way you’ll save someone the trouble of having to email a dozen venues trying to find a game they can actually play.

But I do hope that this has armed you with information to build better rooms that more people can enjoy. Feel free to send me an email if you have questions or just want to tell me about the excellent work your escape room is doing.